7095B(D)1: Design and Assembly Process Implementation for BGAs

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Implementing Ball Grid Array (BGA) and Fine-Pitch Ball Grid Array (FBGA) technology presents some unique challenges for design, assembly, inspection and repair personnel. IPC-7095B delivers useful and practical information to anyone currently using BGAs or considering a conversion to area array packaging formats. This has become especially important due to the change in the alloys being used, both on the BGA packages and the solder alloy used to attach it to the printed board land pattern. The major emphasis of Revision B is to provide information to those companies transitioning from the standard tin/lead reflow processes to those that use lead-free materials in the assembly of BGA type components.

In addition to providing guidelines for BGA inspection and repair, IPC-7095B also addresses reliability issues and the use of lead-free joint criteria associated with BGAs. There are many new photographs of X-ray or endoscope illustrations to identify some of the characteristics that the industry is experiencing in the implementation of BGA assembly processes as well as void process indicators.

Number of Pages: 152
Product ID: 7095-STD-0-D-0-EN-B