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NEW! IPC-7351A includes both the standard and an IPC-7351A land pattern calculator on CD-ROM for accessing component and land pattern dimensional data.The calculator includes the document’s mathematical algorithms so users can build a land pattern for a corresponding surface mount part quickly and accurately.The tool also allows for modification of dimensional attributes of IPC-approved land patterns.

This popular document covers land pattern design for all types of passive and active components, including resistors, capacitors, MELFs, SSOPs, TSSOPs, QFPs, BGAs, QFNs and SONs. The standard provides printed board designers with an intelligent land pattern naming convention, zero component rotations for CAD systems and three separate land pattern geometries for each component that allow the user to select a land pattern based on desired component density.

Revision A now includes land pattern design guidance for lead free soldering processes, reflow cycle and profile requirements for components and new component families such as numerous forms of chip array packages and "pull-back" QFN and SON devices.

Purchasers also receive a 90-day trial of the IPC-7351 Land Pattern Wizard developed by PCB Matrix Corp., which enables users to not only save their land patterns within new land pattern library files, but also to instantly export land patterns to their preferred CAD format, such as Allegro, Board Station, Expedition, PADS, Pantheon and PCAD.

94 pages. Released February 2007.

Number of Pages: 94
Product ID: 7351-STD-0-D-0-DE-A