DVD-111C: Advanced Hand Soldering Techniques

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Are your soldering technicians up on the latest techniques — for the latest components?

There have been significant changes in electronics assembly: from the introduction of new styles and the miniaturization of components, to the transition from tin-lead to lead free solder alloys. Some of the old methods of hand soldering just don’t work the same way they used to. This new IPC training video will provide your soldering technicians with best-industry practices to master the challenges of contemporary hand soldering.

DVD-111C demonstrates state-of-the-art techniques required for lead free drag soldering, removal and replacement of ultra small chip components, hand soldering components with center grounds (DPAKs and BTCs), heavy thermal mass through-hole components, and BGA land pattern site preparation.

Technical content and practical demonstrations for this educational DVD were provided by IPC Master Instructor Ray Cirimele of STI Electronics, Inc. Give your soldering technicians the latest tricks of the trade to make rework faster and to help avoid damage to your assemblies. DVD-111C includes optional English subtitles for hearing-impaired and ESL students. Time: 28 minutes.

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