DVD-164C: Component Color Codes

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Anyone can match colors when replacing color-coded components. But what about matching values to colors from an assembly drawing?

Electronics assemblers should have color-code skills… to make sure they are using the right component in the right place. Now there’s a simple way to learn how to read color codes — on resistors, capacitors and inductors.

DVD-164C teaches how to decode significant value, multiplier and tolerance bands for four-band resistors, capacitors and inductors; five-band resistors; temperature coefficient for six-band resistors; and color dots or stripes on surface mount inductors. Also explains guidelines for component substitutions.

Includes color code charts (required for practic questions and final exam), with optional English subtitles for hearing-impaired and ESL students. Time: 29 minutes.

Also available in IPC EDGE for automated online training and testing.

Product ID: 164-MT-0-DVD-0-EN-0