DVD-165C: Component Number Codes

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Electronics assemblers should understand component number-codes… to make sure they are using the right component in the right place. Now there’s a simple way to learn how to read number codes — on both through hole and surface mount resistors, capacitors and inductors.

DVD-165C will greatly minimize the possibility of errors and costly rework at all points of the material handling cycle -- from receiving and incoming inspection to stockroom and kitting, setting up placement machines, QA, and rework & repair. The more detailed the training, the more valuable your employees become.

DVD-165C explains how to decipher the codes for 3- and 4-digit chip resistors; chip resistor decimals and symbols; numbered resistors with tolerance letter codes; E96 series, 0603 resistors; 3-digit capacitors; 2-digit alphanumeric chip capacitors; 3-digit inductors; and capacitor and inductor decimals. In addition, the general guidelines for component substitutions are presented.

Includes number code charts (required for practic questions and final exam), with optional English subtitles for hearing-impaired and ESL students. Time: 40 minutes.

Also available in IPC EDGE for automated online training and testing.

Product ID: 165-MT-0-DVD-0-EN-0