DVD-24C: Handling in Electronics Assembly

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Improper handling may be the number one cause of electronics assembly failures. This updated educational tool is designed to help prevent handling defects and to reduce scrap. DVD-24C is perfect for new employees who will be handling assemblies. It's also the perfect refresher to reinforce best-industry practices for long-term employees.

The new and improved video explains the importance, benefits and proper techniques for handling electronic assemblies and components; explores the typical causes of contamination and shows how fingerprints and oxidation can affect the formation of an acceptable solder joint; discusses flux residues; solvent extract tests; dendritic growth; covers in-process storage and transport; and basic principles of ESD prevention. This training program is an excellent way to provide increased awareness about the invisible problems that can be caused by careless handling. Time: 22 minutes.

Product ID: 24-MT-0-DVD-0-EN-0