DVD-52: Printed Circuit Overview

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Produced for a non-technical audience including sales, administrative, and management, to explain where printed circuit boards fit into electronic products - and the global electronics industry. Begins with an overview of electronic components, then describes the history and function of printed circuit boards, including a visual tour of a typical double-sided and multilayer fabrication process. Provides an explanation of the uses and manufacturing processes for related materials, including copper foil and various laminate types, then describes industry markets. Also includes a visual overview of both through-hole and surface mount component assembly operations. Viewers should absorb basic terminology, and an appreciation for the importance of quality and innovation. A valuable introduction / orientation to the printed circuit industry for suppliers, colleges, technical / vocational schools, employment recruiting, and material suppliers. (Winner of the Communicator-Crystal Award for Excellence, the Vision Award and the Aurora Gold Award.) Time: 29 minutes.

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