DVD-57C: Stockroom Materials - Storage and Distribution

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Provides a visual overview of typical stockroom operations for through-hole and surface mount electronics assembly. Three sections cover: 1. Incoming Inspection and Material Handling Procedures: including receiving procedures, material descriptions, inspection options for circuit boards, components, wire harnesses and power supplies. Material handling considerations include oxidation, solderability, stacking problems, ESD protection, effects of scratches, damage from dropping. 2. Organization and Storage: proper storage of boards and components, markings, first in-first out, perishability, and inventory control. 3. Distribution: pick lists, kitting, scheduling, bar codes/check lists, and return of excess materials. Proper education, handling and storage procedures in the stockroom can save your company extensive rework.

Time: 29 minutes.

Product ID: 57-MT-0-DVD-0-EN-0