DVD-71C: IPC-A-610F Common Inspection Errors

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The IPC-A-610 provides a common language and the consistent criteria required to evaluate electronic assemblies. But misunderstanding or misinterpreting the criteria is a source of unnecessary rework that costs companies millions of dollars every year. Experts in Electronics Assembly say the most typical errors are not only avoidable, but they are predictable and preventable.

DVD-71C is designed to help eradicate the most common inspection errors that occur in electronics assembly, including: misinterpreting inspector responsibilities, using improper board-side criteria, misunderstanding minimum electrical clearance, rejecting excessive wetting angles, requiring complete vertical fill, misinterpreting through-hole part clearance, misapplying gull wing lead style criteria, misidentifying bottom termination components, rejecting measles and treating billboarding as an instant defect.

DVD-71C includes optional English subtitles for hearing-impaired and ESL students.  (Note: This program is not equivalent to IPC-A-610 CIS Certification.) Time: 26 minutes.

Also available in IPC EDGE for automated online training and testing.

Product ID: 71-MT-0-DVD-0-EN-0