DVD-92C: Rework of Surface Mount Chip Components

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Begins with an explanation of chip component terminology and size codes. Details flux considerations and land preparation using solder braid and vacuum extractor. Demonstrates industry approved techniques and common problems to avoid during removal and replacement of all types of chip components using the following hand tools: hand soldering iron (single-point and bifurcated tip); pulse heat tweezers; continuous heat tweezers; and hot air pencil. Also explains adhesive bonded components and special heating considerations for ceramic chip capacitors.

Second in a series of four videos on Surface Mount Rework (see also DVD-91C, -93C, -94C). Produced in cooperation with Pace, Inc. (Telly Award winner.) Time: 46 minutes.

Number of Pages: 60
Product ID: 92-MT-0-DVD-0-EN-0