DVD-CH15C: Soldering Iron Tip Care -- 烙铁头的, CHINESE / ENGLISH

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The higher temperatures and increased tin content in lead-free solders demands an increased awareness of best-industry practices for soldering iron tip maintenance. With tips costing from $10 to more than $100, DVD-CH15C can reduce the cost of process consumables -– and increase product quality.

This dual-language (Chinese / English) DVD, Soldering Iron Tip Care, is the ideal educational tool to show your technicians how to properly care for soldering iron tips and avoid many of the pitfalls associated with lead-free and tin-lead hand soldering. Section one provides an overview of tip life issues. Section two discusses oxidation build-up, recommended tip maintenance and overuse of tip tinners and other abrasive products. Section three explains the typical mechanisms that damage tips and recommended procedures to miminize these effects.

Time: 23 minutes.

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是不是你的所有的手工焊接技术员充分了解如何使烙铁头的质量和寿命周期最大化?或者他们只是简单地依靠他们自己的经验做事? 而烙铁头的寿命介于10美元到超过100美元… 这个IPC培训DVD能够节约生产过程耗材的成本并提高产品质量。

烙铁头的维护(DVD-CH15C)是一个理想的教学工具,以展示给你的技术人员如何适宜地维护焊接烙铁头 – 连同在无铅焊接中避免许多未曾预料到的困难。第二部分讨论了氧化的形成,正确的烙铁头维护和烙铁头过度使用和其它的磨料产品。第三部分讨论了过高温度,太大的力,错误的烙铁头尺寸,依靠烙铁头上加锡和不正确操作的负面影响。 DVD-CH15C提供了为有听力障碍的人使用的英文字幕和非母语英语课程学员 – 同时也为使用者的指南,复习的问题和为通过了最终考试的学员准备的IPC培训认证证书。23分钟。

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