DVD-CH42/43C: Hand Soldering for Through-Hole Components (Tin-Lead Solder), CHINESE / ENGLISH

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Now available in a dual-language, Mandarin Chinese / English, DVD version, this hand soldering training program comes with chapter naviagation and the digital convenience of two videos contained on one DVD-R disc. A Training Certification Test helps to insure that your students understand and retain the required background knowledge before they begin hands-on training.

DVD-CH42/43C explains proper workstation practices, personal safety considerations, ESD prevention, soldering iron types, temperature selection, tip types and applications, heat transfer principles, how to avoid thermal damage, solder types, sizes and applications, flux theory, low residue fluxes, wetting principles, soldering through-hole components onto printed circuit boards, tip tinning, tool maintenance, reheating solder, heat sinks / thermal shunts, soldering thick boards, preheating, cleaning flux residues, as well as explains the use and purpose of solder joint acceptance requirements from both the IPC-A-610 and J-STD-001 (training content is generic to latest revisions of these standards). Contains high resolution micro/action video and 3D animation. Time: 40 minutes.

Note: The focus of this training program is on hand soldering basics using tin-lead solder. For a comparison / explanation of the differences in Lead-Free Hand Soldering, please see DVD-CH45C.

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