DVD-CH52: Printed Circuit Overview, CHINESE / ENGLISH

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A dual-language Chinese / English DVD, produced for a non-technical audience including sales, administrative, and management, to explain where printed circuit boards fit into electronic products and the global electronics industry. Begins with an overview of electronic components, then describes the history and function of printed circuit boards, including a visual tour of a typical double-sided and multilayer fabrication process. Provides an explanation of the uses and manufacturing processes for related materials, including copper foil and various laminate types, then describes industry markets and future trends.

Also includes a visual overview of both through hole and surface mount component assembly operations. Viewers should absorb basic terminology, and an appreciation for the importance of quality and innovation. A valuable introduction to the printed circuit industry for industry suppliers, colleges, technical/vocational schools, employment recruiting, and material suppliers. (Winner of the Communicator-Crystal Award for Excellence, the Vision Award and the Aurora Gold Award.) Time: 31 minutes.

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