DVD-CH53: Overview of Electronics Assembly, CHINESE / ENGLISH

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This dual-language Mandarin/English DVD explains how component assembly fits into the global electronics industry. This DVD begins with a basic overview of electronic components and printed circuit boards; then provides a visual tour of typical through hole and surface mount assembly processes. It also describes the relationship of OEMs and EMS providers, including types of services, market sizes, and trends. An interesting and useful introduction to the electronics assembly industry - for employee orientation, colleges and technical/vocational schools (Winner of the Vision, Aurora Gold and Telly Awards).

Also includes "Simplified" Chinese subtitles. Our thanks to Nokia Telecommunications Ltd. (Dongguan, China) for translating and producing the Chinese version of this video. Time: 22 minutes.

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Number of Pages: 60
Product ID: 53-MT-0-DVD-0-CN-0