DVD-CH94: Rework of J-Lead Components, CHINESE / ENGLISH

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Dual-language, Mandarin/English, DVD begins with PLCC/SOJ component descriptions and terminology. Demonstrates component removal with the pulse-heated hand tool and thermal tweezers, using three different heat enhancement techniques (flux, bridge-fill, and solder wrap). Reviews land preparation, component orientation and alignment techniques. Shows component replacement using point to point, continuous flow and hot air pencil soldering techniques. Also covers cleaning options.

Licensed for unlimited usage at one facility. Fourth part in a series on Surface Mount Rework (see also DVD-CH91C, -CH92C, -CH93C). Produced in cooperation with Pace, Inc. (Winner of the Aegis and Aurora Gold Awards.) Time: 25 minutes.

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Product ID: 94-MT-0-DVD-0-CN-0