DVD-CI-K: Continuous Improvement Kit - Seven-DVD Set

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Nonmember: $2,546.00

Deliver the continuing education your assembly operators require — at a discounted price your budget can afford.

Save 33% off individual list price — on this Continuous Improvement Kit. DVDs in the set include:

DVD-75C: Ray's ESD Prevention Secrets
Our newest ESD retraining/recertification video.
Guaranteed to make everyone more aware.

DVD-179C: Handling Moisture Sensitive Devices
New video explains how to reduce/eliminate costly defects.

DVD-SMT-F: Surface Mount Solder Joint Acceptance Requirements
Train and test to IPC-A-610 — surface mount solder joint standards.

DVD-PTH-F: Through Hole Solder Joint Acceptance Requirements
Train and test to IPC-A-610 — PTH solder joint standards.

DVD-66C: The Seven Sins of Safety in Electronics Assembly
An easy way to keep this critical topic clearly in mind.

DVD-88C: Bare Board Defect Recognition
Train your operators to recognize defective boards before they become scrapped assemblies.

DVD-48C: The Seven Sins of Surface Mount Assembly
Eliminates the major causes of scrap.

Individual IPC member list prices for these seven DVDs total: $3099
Individual Nonmember list prices for these seven DVDs total: $3834

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