DVD-ESD-K: ESD Fundamentals -- Six-DVD Set

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Nonmember: $1,964.00

The ESD Fundamentals series is a cost-saving collection of the very finest media training for ESD Control in the industry -- with everything you need -- from basic training with IPC / ESDA Certification, to continuing education. Now you can provide focused training for everyone in your organization, not ony the assembly workers, but administrative staff, material handlers, maintenance, service techs and IT personnel.

The six-DVD set also includes two programs designed for your yearly or bi-yearly training requirements -- per the ESD S20.20 specification. Because nothing is worse than having to watch the same program over and over again, we provide multiple titles for refresher certification.

Deliver the knowledge your entire staff requires -- at a discounted price your budget can afford.

Save 33% off individual list price by purchasing this ESD Fundamentals Kit. DVDs in the set include:

DVD-74C: ESD Control for Electronics Assembly Have your operators certified "ESD Safe" by IPC and the ESD Association, with the most up-to-date, and comprehensive ESD Control media training available.

DVD-76C: ESD Control for Non-Manufacturing Personnel Designed for non-technical personnel. Make sure your entire staff understands these important principles.

DVD-77C: ESD Control for Material Handlers Prevent costly ESD damage during receiving, internal transport and shipping.

DVD-78C: The Seven Sins of ESD Control An excellent refresher course to eliminate those bad ESD habits.

DVD-75C: Ray's ESD Prevention Secrets Our newest ESD retraining/re-certification video. Guaranteed to make everyone more aware.

DVD-55C: ESD Control for IT & Electronics Service Techs Service Technicians, IT staff, or anyone who works on electronic equipment after the manufacturing process, will find this training program to be of great value.

Individual IPC member list prices for these six DVDs total: $2,195 Individual Nonmember list prices for these six DVDs total: $2,795

Save 33% when you purchase this package of six DVDs. Contact IPC Training to receive credit against previously purchased DVDs in this set.

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