DVD-PREP-A620B: Preparatory Course for IPC-A-620 CIS Certification

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Do you have potential CIS candidates without the necessary foundational knowledge to understand all the technology / terminology of the IPC-A-620 CIS certification program? IPC has assembled an optional video preparatory course that can help students successfully achieve their CIS credential -- for the latest revision of the A-620 standard.

This video training series is designed to provide the essential background knowledge for your A-620 CIS candidates. It will help ensure that all of your assemblers are using approved terminology, understand best-industry practices, and are prepared to succeed when they undertake CIS training & certification. This Course is ideal for new hires, ESL students, and visual learners who may require additional help to pass their CIS certification exams.

Also useful for vocational / technical schools, state and federal job training centers, independent training centers, community colleges and anyone engaged in school-to- work programs.

Course Benefits:

  • Train and prepare as many individuals within your company or educational facility, with no expiration and no annual user fees. Buy once use forever.
  • Courses may be administered by any training facilitator and contain English (SDH) subtitles for hearing-impaired and ESL students.

  • Course Contents include:

    DVDIPC #Program Title
    1.DVD-56CWire Harness Assembly Methods
    2.DVD-59CWire Preparation
    3.DVD-50CIntro to Box Build
    4.DVD-46CIntro to Mechanical Assembly
    5.DVD-58CWire Crimping
    6.DVD-60C7 Sins of Wire Harness Assembly
    7.DVD-61CWire Splicing
    8.DVD-62CConnector Assembly
    9.DVD-167CCoaxial Cable Assembly

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    Product ID: A620-MT-0-DVD-K-EN-B