DVD-RS-K: Rework Solutions -- Seven DVD Set

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The Rework Solutions seven-DVD set covers both through-hole and surface mount rework tools and techniques. Give your soldering technicians the fundamental background knowledge to work efficiently and effectively -- without causing costly damage to your assemblies. They will also gain the perspective to know when rework is required, and when it is unnecessary.

Save 33% off individual list price — on this Rework Solutions Kit. DVDs in the set include:

DVD-13C: Ray's Rework Secrets Industry expert Ray Cirimele both shares his knowledgand demonstrates his skill using the most effective rework techniques -- to remake through-hole and surface mount solder joints quickly and without causing expensive damage to assemblies.

DVD-41C: Through-Hole Rework (Includes Lead Free)
Provides industry-approved techniques for PTH rework. Covers proper tools, fluxes, and industry acceptance criteria for tin-lead and lead free solder joints.

DVD-67C: Lead Free Surface Mount Rework
Understand the differences when performing touch up and rework on surface mount tin-lead vs. lead free solder joints. Helps to make the switch from tin-lead to lead free with confidence.

DVD-91C: Introduction to Surface Mount Rework
Part 1 of 4-part series... explains why it's important to avoid unnecessary rework and how to make the right rework decisions.

DVD-92C: Rework of Surface Mount Chip Components

Part 2… Covers best-industry practices using the various tools for chip replacement / removal: single-point and bifurcated tip; pulse & continuous heat tweezers; and the hot air pencil.

DVD-93C: Gull Wing Rework Part 3… Precise visual demonstrations on the proper way to rework the many types of gull wing components (QFPs, SOICs, TSOPs, SOTs).

DVD-94C: Rework of J-Lead Components
Part 4… Covers three different heat enhancement techniques (flux, bridge-fill and solder wrap) for the rework / replacement of J-lead components. Includes point-to-point, continuous flow and hot air pencil soldering techniques.

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