DVD-RU45C: Lead Free Hand Soldering, RUSSIAN / ENGLISH

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A dual-language Russian / English DVD to teach your operators the subtle differences between tin-lead and lead free soldering techniques and inspection criteria. This program is designed to assist operators and soldering technicians to make the lead free transition with knowledge and confidence.

DVD-RU45C describes the new types of solder alloys, and discusses the higher melting temperatures that can potentially damage the assembly. Section 1 also explains required changes due to increased surface tension, more active fluxes, and additional cleaning considerations.

Section 2 demonstrates modified techniques for soldering through-hole components into plated-through holes, and wires to pierced terminals, then demonstrates PTH rework / vacuum extraction -- focusing on damage prevention from increased soldering temperatures.

Section 3 compares tin-lead/lead free solder joints to the visual acceptance criteria from IPC-A-610D -- with original microphotography of target conditions, textural differences, minimum and maximum solder, wetting requirements, cold/disturbed joints, fractures, lifted lands, thermal damage, bridging, projections, blowholes and solder balls. Time: 23 minutes.

Number of Pages: 26
Product ID: 45-MT-0-DVD-0-RU-0