DVD-SMT-F-K: Surface Mount Solder Joint Quality Standards

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Now updated to Revision F of the IPC-A-610 -- the Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies -- this media-based training program is a cost-effective and efficient way to train and test your entire workforce to the most widely recognized industry standard on surface mount solder joint criteria.

DVD-SMT-F uses state-of-the-art computer graphics and animations, as well as microphotography to insure operator-level comprehension of some of the key acceptance requirements from the IPC-A-610F for Chip, J-Lead, and Gull Wing solder joints, as illustrated in the DRM-SMT-F -- Surface Mount Solder Joint Evaluation Training & Reference Guide. (Complimentary copy of DRM-SMT-F included with purchase of this DVD.)

This updated video also covers solder joint quality standards for two new Area Array component types: Ball Grid Arrays (BGAs) and Bottom Termination Components (BTCs).

DVD menu controls allows instructors to select from Class 2 or Class 3 acceptance criteria. Course contents cover quality standards for dimensional criteria -- such as End Overhang, Side Joint Width, Fillet Height, etc. -- as well as defect identification for such undesirable conditions as Solder Balls, Blowholes, Solder Webbing, Chip-Outs, Non-Coplanarity, Incomplete Reflow, and more.

Also includes optional English subtitles(SDH) for the deaf or hard of hearing, and ESL students, and one free copy of DRM-SMT-F. Also available on Blu-ray, hi-definition video disc.  Time: 36 minutes.

Also available in IPC EDGE for automated online training and testing.

Product ID: SMT-MT-0-DVD-K-EN-F