EDU-103: DVD SET: Through Hole Assembly -- DVD Training Course

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Nonmember: $2,662.00

EDU-103 is a seven DVD set -- at a 33% cost savings off individual DVD list prices. See our course index page for free automated testing, leader's guide and certificates for unlimited students.

This training course is designed to provide the core knowledge of through hole technology to prepare students for careers in the electronics assembly industry, and is useful for vocational/technical schools, state and federal job training centers, independent training centers, community colleges and anyone engaged in "school-to-work" programs. It is also an invaluable tool for cross-training--to help insure that every employee has a thorough understanding of their effect on end-product quality.

This course may be administered by any training facilitator and contains English subtitles for hearing-impaired and ESL students.

Each of the individual modules are available for Free Online Review using the "WMV" links on the DVD part numbers below.

Course Contents include:
DVDIPC #Program TitleIPC MembersNonmembers
1.DVD-27 Intro to Through Hole Technology$275$350
2.DVD-47 Wave Soldering$300$400
3.DVD-PTH-F Through Hole Quality Standards$495$595
4.DVD-44 Component Prep/Manual Insertion$275$350
5.DVD-142 Intro to Hand Soldering$495$595
6.DVD-18 Soldering Terminals$495$595
7.DVD-41 Through Hole Rework$395$495
Total List Price:$2730$3380
Total Course Purchase Price:$1825$2535
Approx. Course Savings off individual List33%25%

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