EXSUM09-MTG-G: Management Issues in the Electronics Industry: Presentations from the 2009 IPC Electronics Industry Executive Summit - GLOBAL LICENSE

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This product contains three presentations from the IPC Electronics Industry Executive Summit on October 22, 2009, in Scottsdale, Arizona. Paul Emello, Capitol Technologies, discusses things buyers and sellers must consider to maximize the value of mergers and acquisitions and how to avoid common mistakes in the process. Patrick Muir, Muir Patent Consulting, discusses the patent application, follow-up to the application, the value of the patent and the possibility of later litigation. Jeff Roth, Fees and Burgess, discusses why the terms and conditions of a purchase order should be given wide distribution and details important areas of coverage. He also explains warranty, indemnity and material flow-through. He then discusses international procurement agreements.Contains synchronized audio and presentation slides.

Product ID: TMRC-PRO-0-DG-MNG-EN-09