IPC-6013D-AM1: Qualification and Performance Specification for Flexible and Rigid-Flexible Printed Boards

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IPC-6013D-AM1 is an amendment makes changes to the existing acceptance criteria for copper wrap plating measurements as defined by IPC-6013D. IPC-6013D-AM1 is an amendment which implements a dual criterion for Class 3 copper wrap plating, based on design effectivity (before and after July 01, 2018), so as not to impose onto legacy designs any additional qualification activity associated with adopting acceptance requirements proven on newer designs. IPC-6103D-AM1 is not applicable to legacy product that will remain subject to IPC-6013D copper wrap plating requirements.

Number of Pages: 8
ISBN: 978-1-61193-360-4
Product ID: 6013-STD-0-P-A1-EN-D