IPC-7094: Design and Assembly Process Implementation for Flip Chip and Die Size Components

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Implementing flip chip technology in a direct chip attach (DCA) assembly presents some unique challenges for design, assembly, inspection and repair personnel. IPC-7094 delivers useful and practical information to anyone who is currently using or contemplating developing products that employ the very complex and high density methods needed for the flip chip technology. The concepts have become especially important due to the pressures to manufacture products that have components very closely integrated or are intended for portable and hand held applications. The major emphasis of the new standard is to provide information to those companies transitioning to this miniaturization technology with emphasis on system level issues, flip chip and die size assembly, and the requirements for board and module level reliability.

In addition to providing guidelines for flip chip inspection, IPC-7094 also addresses the design of the initial element and how the die can be evaluated during its development process with a goal toward simplification of the final assembly. Items that are discussed include outsourcing manufacturing and the procurement of known good die in order to optimize the return on investment when developing products that use flip chip technology. 75 pages. Released February 2009.

Number of Pages: 75
Product ID: 7094-STD-0-D-0-EN-0