IPC-7535: Requirements for Solder Dross Reduction Chemicals 锡渣抗氧化还原剂要求

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This is one of the first IPC standards developed in China. The purpose of this standard is to define the characterization, quality conformance and performance testing of solder dross reduction chemicals for application on the surface of molten solder.

这是首次在中国开发的 IPC标准之一。本标准的目的是定义了用于熔融焊料表面的焊渣抗氧化还原剂的的特征、质量控制和性能测试。

Number of Pages: 26
Release Date: 2/14/2017
ISBN: 978-1-61193-281-2
Product ID: 7535-STD-0-D-0-CN-0