IPC/JEDEC-9707: Spherical Bend Test Method for Characterization of Board Level Interconnects

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This standard on spherical transient bend testing is intended to characterize the maximum allowable strain that a surface mount component's board level interconnects can withstand in flexural loading. Whereas four-point monotonic bend test methods only address simple planar bending, spherical bend tests establish strain limits of board level interconnects under worst-case flexure conditions that can occur during conventional printed board/system assembly, manufacturing and test operations. This method is applicable to surface mounted BGA components larger than 15.0 mm on a side with organically based substrates, attached to printed boards using conventional solder reflow technologies.This document was developed cooperatively with JEDEC. 15 pages. Released 2011.

Included in the C-103 and C-1000 Collections.

Number of Pages: 15
ISBN: 978-1-61193-002-3
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