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On-Shoring in the Electronics Industry: Trends and Outlook for North America - 2013 Update (Site License)

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Information about actual and planned on-shoring activity was collected from North American electronics manufacturers, including OEMs and all segments of the electronic interconnect supply chain, in 2012 and 2013 surveys. The findings show what types of electronics industry operations were returned from overseas since the beginning of 2012 and what types of new and returning operations these manufacturers are planning to locate in North America through the end of 2014, including the value of those operations and the impact on jobs. The findings also address trends in domestic versus international sourcing. The analysis covers recent on-shoring activities by high-profile companies in the news and how the cost gap between North America and low-labor-cost regions is narrowing. It ends with a discussion of the way forward for the industry in North America, providing a concise look at the status of on-shoring in North America and the outlook for the future. 42 pages. Published September 2013.

Number of Pages: 42
ISBN: 978-1-61193-523-3
Product ID: ONSH-MR-0-DS-0-EN-13