TR-464: Accelerated Aging for Solderability Evaluations

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This technical report was developed to meet the growing need for a standard method of evaluating the solderability retention capability of printed boards during inventory storage. 21 Pages. Released April 1984.

IPC-TR-464 Addendum

The addendum to IPC-TR-464 represents the results of the task group study to evaluate and determine if the aging period recommended in the original Technical Report could be shortened and still provide the appropriate information on solderability retention. The 20 page Addendum was released in April 1987. The hard copy and electronic versions contain both the original document and the addendum. The addendum is also available separately as a free download.

Download the IPC-TR-464 Addendum pdf file.

Number of Pages: 138
Product ID: 464-TR-0-D-0-EN-0