Current Revision
IPC-2591 - Version 1.6 - Standard Only
Connected Factory Exchange (CFX)

IPC-2591, Version 1.6 establishes the requirements for the omnidirectional exchange of information between manufacturing processes and associated host systems for assembly manufacturing. IPC-2591, Version 1.6 applies to communication between all executable processes in the manufacture of printed board assemblies, automated, semiautomated and manual, and is applicable to related mechanical assembly and transactional processes. IPC-2591, Version 1.6 includes the addition of an IPC-CFX message recorder, working time analysis breakdown, support for complex feeders, standardization of geometry rules and additional recipe controls. Visit for software developer resources, training programs and information on the IPC-2591-CFX Validation System and Qualified Products List (QPL).

Published Date
DoD Adopted
ANSI Approved