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This is the Swedish language translation of IPC-7711B/7721B

IPC-7711B/7721B Rework, Modification and Repair of Electronic Assemblies has received a complete procedure by procedure update to assure applicability to both lead free and traditional SnPb soldered assemblies. This single volume includes all previously published changes and several new procedures for BGAs (including reballing) and flex-print repair. Part 1 General Requirements has also been updated for ease of use and provides important direction and guidelines for all procedures. This section includes procedures common to rework, repair and modification. Part 2 is IPC-7711B and the procedures include tools, materials and methods to be used in removing and replacing surface mount and through-hole components. Part 3 is IPC-7721B and includes procedures for modifying assemblies and accomplishing laminate and conductor repairs. Many procedures have color illustrations to help the user understand the guide. Supersedes IPC-7711, IPC-7721 and IPC-R-700.

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