Current Revision
IPC-9203 - Revision A - Standard Only
Users Guide to IPC-9202 and the IPC-B-52 Standard Test Vehicle

While there are a variety of industry test vehicles for the examination of material compatibility, the IPC-B-52 test board was created to meet the needs for testing both ion chromatograph and surface insulation resistance (SIR) which would be more representative of the manufacturing materials and processes. IPC-9203A standard addresses the IPC-B-52 test vehicle, which can be used to evaluate a manufacturing process, or to provide objective evidence that a chosen manufacturing material set, and process are compatible, from a cleanliness standpoint. IPC-9203A user guideline has been written as a companion document to the IPC-9202, providing clarification on what a manufacturer “should” do and what they “must” do for demonstrating material and process compatibility.

Published Date
DoD Adopted
ANSI Approved