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The 2019 IPC APEX EXPO technical conference is one of the most outstanding in the electronics industry. Proceedings from this technical conference include: 98 presentations from 34 sessions, 20 poster papers and 5 buzz session presentations on Automation in Electronics Manufacturing, Adhesives, Advanced Technology, Area Array/Flip Chip/0201 Metric, Assembly and Rework Processes, BGA/CSP Packaging, Black Pad and Other Board Related Defect Issues, BTC/QFN/LGA Components, Business & Supply Chain Issues, Cleaning, Conformal Coatings, Corrosion, Counterfeit Electronics, Design, Electromigration, Electronics Manufacturing Services, Embedded Passive & Active Devices, Environmental Compliance, Graphene in Electronics Manufacturing, Lean Six Sigma, LED Manufacturing, Failure Analysis, Flexible Circuitry, HDI Technologies, Head-on-Pillow, Board and Component Warpage, High Speed, High Frequency & Signal, Industry 4.0, Integrity, Lead-Free Fabrication, Assembly & Reliability, Miniaturization Nanotechnology Optoelectronics, Packaging & Components, PCB Fabrication, PCB and Component Storage & Handling Performance, Quality & Reliability, Photovoltaics, PoP (Package-on-Package), Printed Electronics, Reshoring, RFID Circuitry, Robotics, Soldering, Surface Finishes, Test, Inspection & AOI, Tin Whiskers, 2.5-D/3-D Component Packaging, Underfills, Via Plugging & Other Protection and Wearables. These Proceedings are exclusively available as a download — NO HARD COPY IS AVAILABLE. Released May 2019.

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