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IPC-QRG-18 - Training & Reference Guide
Component Identification Training and Reference Guide

The IPC-QRG-18J desk reference manual contains illustration/images of component identification, schematic symbols and more with detailed descriptions of commonly used components.

The IPC-DRM-18J contains updated info on SSOP, TSOP, QFP, LQFP, PQFP, LCC, QFN, and BGA-related packages, including all the variations within those groups.

New components include DFN, QFN – Multi Row, PoP (Package on Package), CSP (ChipScale Package), COB (Chip on Board), Bare Die and Flip Chip.

The Terminology Section has quick facts on polarity, orientation, lead styles and Component Reference Designators (CRDs). The "Reading Component Values" section has full-color, easy-to-use color code charts for resistors and inductors, as well as charts for reading numbered capacitor data.

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