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IPC-QRG-WHA - Training & Reference Guide
Wire Harness Assembly Training & Reference Guide

The IPC-DRM-WHA-D desk reference manual contains illustration/images of wire harness assemblies for IPC/WHMA-A-620D standard. IPC-QRG-WHA-D explains the basic acceptance criteria for wire harness assemblers, crimp operators, and QA personnel. The IPC-QRG-WHA-D is handy reference and training tool but does not replace the criteria found in IPC/WHMA-A-620D.

IPC-QRG-WHA -Dcovers: wire types, gauges, insulation stripping, wire tinning, terminals and contact types, coaxial cables, IPC product categories and acceptance criteria, wire preparation, strand and insulation damage, conductor deformations, open and closed barrel crimp definitions and criteria, crimp deformations, cut-off tabs, punctures, insulation support crimps, inspection windows, bellmouth, conductor crimp requirements, conductor brush, closed barrel crimps, insulation damage, ribbon cable, discrete wire, cup terminals and a glossary of related wire harness terminology.

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