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IPC-Roadmap-15 - Roadmap
IPC International Technology Roadmap for Electronic Interconnections-2015

The IPC 2015 International Technology Roadmap provides vision and direction for product and process development and the services required to satisfy current and future needs of companies that design, build, buy or specify electronic equipment and materials. The IPC Roadmap is an invaluable resource for any person or company in or having interest in the global electronics supply chain. It is an essential resource for executives, technologists and strategic planners, who will get unique accees to the knowledge and data of an international team of subject matter experts. Two years of work by this global working group has resulted in the most unprecedented snapshot you will find anywhere of the vision and needs assessments of OEM, ODM and EMS companies. If you want to know where your company needs to be in the years ahead—and how to get there—add the IPC 2015 Technology Roadmap to your marketing, business and technology libraries. 642 pages. Released February 2015.

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