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IPC-SPVC-LAT1 - White Paper
Analytical Procedures for Portable Lead-Free Alloy Test Data

If not completely characterized, many of the early lead-free alloys’ reliability properties are better understood than those of the new alloys being introduced today. Therefore, it can be quite difficult to compare alloy properties. The lack of reliability characterization of new materials introduces uncertainty for the user. To address this problem, the IPC Solder Products Value Council (IPC SPVC), in cooperation with several leading OEMs and EMS companies, has published this free white paper which details a set of test protocols for evaluation of new lead-free alloys on the basis of their physical properties, e.g., creep, and performance in the assembly of a standardized test vehicle. The goal of this white paper is to reduce the time and effort required to characterize an alloy and help the electronics assembly industry improve its processes without jeopardizing reliability. 10 pages. Released May 2010.

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