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The IPC Solder Products Value Council’s Technical Subcommittee Report “Take Action Limits (TAL) for SAC305 Lead Free Soldering Processes Utilizing Solder Baths/Pots” reports on research on take action limits of solder pot contamination for SAC305 lead-free solder.

As opposed to one maximum contamination level, the IPC SPVC opted to identify three action levels:

  • Normal operation defined as the level one would expect contamination levels to be based on running steady state.
  • Increased Monitoring defined as a level that is not a danger but a level that indicates an upward trend that should be monitored more closely.
  • Adjust Pot defined as the level at which pot should be adjusted to insure reliable performance of the solder joints.

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    The 27 page research report provides the analysis of all the wetting and ring testing and provides a proposed recommendation of take action limits for contamination levels. Released November 2009.

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    DoD Adopted
    ANSI Approved