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IPC-PCB Technology Trends 2018

PCB Technology Trends 2018 is based on data from 74 companies (52 electronics OEMs and 22 PCB fabricators) worldwide. PCB Technology Trends 2018 presents data on the current state (2018) of PCB fabrication and OEM's PCB requirements and their use of emerging technologies. Predictions from both industry segments indicate how these measurements and requirements are expected to change by 2023. The data are segmented by two regions (North America and Europe; Asia and Africa) and two types of products (mobile and installed). Topics covered include board properties (thickness, layer count, density, line width and spacing, via diameters, aspect ratios, I/O pitch, via design, blind and buried vias, and thermal properties), materials (rigid, flexible, stretchable, metal core, loss characteristics and surface finishes), special structures (embedded componets, chip packages), printed electronics (including 3D printing and e-textiles), compliance and technical challenges, and general trends. 213 pages. Published in January 2019.

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