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IPC-WP-013 - White Paper
Analytical Procedures for Portable Lead-Free Alloy Test Data

There are a large number of new lead-free alloys that address the manufacturing problems inherent in current lead-free products on the market. However, their reliability properties are less understood than many of the first alloys introduced, for example SAC 305. While it is tempting to look to the new alloys as solutions to manufacturing issues of the older materials, the lack of reliability characterization of these new materials introduces an element of uncertainty compared to the current lead-free materials in use. The IPC Solder Products Value Council (SPVC), in cooperation with iNEMI, has developed a set of test protocols for evaluating new lead-free alloys. These protocols compare physical properties and performance characteristics in the assembly of a standardized test vehicle. The focus is on the physical testing of lead-free solder. The goal is to provide test protocols for new solder alloys that provide “portable data,” that is data that is reproducible and not dependent on test location. The protocols formalize testing requirements, reduce the cost of testing, and help the industry better understand the basic physics and metallurgy of lead-free alloys in manufacturing and end–use applications. Released 2014.

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