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IPC-WP-019A: An Overview on the Global Change in Ionic Cleanliness Requirements

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IPC/PERM-WP-022: Mitigation of Pure Tin Risk by Tin-Lead SMT Reflow - Results of an Industry...

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IPC-WP-024: IPC White Paper on Reliability and Washability of Smart Textile Structures – Readiness for...

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IPC-WP-023: IPC Technology Solutions White Paper on Performance-Based Printed Board OEM Acceptance: Via Chain Continuity...

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WP-013: Analytical Procedures for Portable Lead-Free Alloy Test Data

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WP-014: Pb-free Electronics Risk Management (PERM) Council Position on the Use of Pb-free Electronics in...

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IPC-WP-012: Pb-free Electronics Risk Management (PERM) Council Pb-free Research Priorities

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WP-015: Pb-free Electronics Risk Management (PERM) Council Re-baseline of the Lead-Free Manhattan Project

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IPC-WP-008: Setting Up Ion Chromatography Capability

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SMC-WP-003: Chip Mounting Technology