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2017 Wage Rate & Salary Study for the North American Electronics Assembly Industry - Single User

Results of IPC's biennial wage and salary survey for electronics assembly companies (both contract manufacturers/EMS companies and OEMs) presents averages, average ranges, and percentile data on 2017 hourly wages, annual salaries and sales compensation in the USA and Canada. Data on 40 positions are segmented by industry region and company size. Salary budget growth and pay increases in 2017 and 2018 are included along with spending on benefits and training. Sales compensation data covers base salaries, commissions and bonuses, as well as compensation of independent manufacturers' representatives. Data on current HR policies cover hiring, performance appraisal, shifts, paid leave, team activities and other topics. Coverage of employee benefits includes several types of retirement plans, profit-sharing, stock ownership, various types of health insurance plans, life insurance, coverage of dependents, company contributions to these benefits, and tuition assistance. 59 pages total. Published January 2018.

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