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The successor to the IPC-SM-782A is here! The document covers land pattern design for all types of passive and active components, including resistors, capacitors, MELFs, SSOPs, TSSOPs, QFPs, BGAs, QFNs and SONs. The standard provides many brand new features, including an intelligent land pattern naming convention, zero component rotations for CAD systems, and a set of three separate land pattern geometries for each component that allows the user to select a land pattern based on desired component density. Also includes updates to existing sections addressing land pattern guidelines for wave or reflow soldering, via location guidelines, fiducials and courtyard boundaries. IPC-7351 includes both the standard and a IPC-7351 land pattern viewer on CD-ROM. 92 Pages. Released February 2005.

Included in the E-500 Collection.

Number of Pages: 96
Product ID: 7351-STD-0-D-0-EN-0