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IPC-7526A: Stencil and Misprinted Board Cleaning Handbook

IPC-7091A: Design and Assembly Process Implementation of 3-D Components

IPC-7092A: Design and Assembly Process Implementation for Embedded Circuitry and Devices

IPC-5262: Design, Critical Process and Acceptance Requirements for Polymeric Applications

IPC-4592: Requirements for Printed Electronics Functional Dielectric Materials

IPC-8952: Design Standard for Printed Electronics on Coated or Treated Textiles and E-Textiles

IPC-9701B: Thermal Cycling Test Method for Fatigue Life Characterization of Surface Mount Attachments

IPC-7525C: Stencil Design Guidelines

IPC-D-640A: Design and Critical Process Requirements for Optical Fiber, Optical Cable and Hybrid Wiring Harness Assemblies

IPC-4412C: Specification for Finished Fabric Woven from ‘‘E’’ Glass for Printed Boards

J-STD-003D: Solderability Tests for Printed Boards 

IPC/DAC-2552: International Standard for Model Based Design (MBD) for Digital Twin Factories

IPC-T-51: Terms and Definitions for the Design and Manufacture of Printed Electronics

IPC-2591, Version 1.5: Connected Factory Exchange (CFX)

IPC-8971: Requirements for Electrical Testing of Printed Electronics on E-Textiles

IPC/JEDEC J-STD-035A: Acoustic Microscopy for Nonhermetic Encapsulated Electronics Devices

IPC-6018DS: Space and Military Avionics Applications Addendum to IPC-6018D, Qualification and Performance Specification for High Frequency (Microwave) Printed Boards

IPC-7801A: Reflow Oven Process Control Standard