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Frequently Asked Questions: Multi-Device Documents

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Multi-Device Documents

How does FileOpen DRM work for multiple-device documents?

For multiple-device documents, when the user attempts to open the document, the plugin will not prompt the user for credentials. The FileOpen permission server will register the device and eliminate one allowed device from the number of devices purchased. This will continue for all opens on additional devices until the total number of devices for the order has been satisfied.

Note: To open a DRM-protected document for the first time, you must be connected to the Internet.

What login credentials do I need to provide our employees who will use this document?

Users of multi-device DRM products will not be prompted for login credentials to open the PDFs.

How are device limits controlled?

Each time the DRM-protected PDF is opened on a device, that will count against the total number of devices for the multiple-device product order. For instance, if you purchased a 25-device product, and that PDF is opened on 13 different devices, you will have 12 devices remaining on your account. Note that even if one person opens the document on multiple devices, the devices and not the individual are counted against the total number of devices on your product order.

How can I check the status of our registered number of devices?

To verify how many devices have been used for an order, email Contact.Us@ipc.org.

Where can we store this document for distribution to employees?

There are no restrictions on where you can store the document (e.g., shared server, document library, etc.), and you can also email it as an attachment or share it on a memory stick. Just keep in mind that you should make employees aware of the document device restriction so individuals who may not need the document do not open it and have that document open count against your device limit.