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IPC-2591-Version 1.1: Connected Factory Exchange (CFX)

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IPC-2591 version 1.1 provides updates to several CFX messages since the original IPC-2591 version release. IPC-2591 standard establishes the requirements for the omni-directional exchange of information between manufacturing processes and associated host systems for assembly manufacturing. IPC-2591 standard applies to communication between all executable processes in the manufacture of printed board assemblies, automated, semi-automated and manual, and is applicable to related mechanical assembly and transactional processes.

Visit www.ipc-cfx.org for helpful resources and links to software development tools for implementing IPC CFX.

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Number of Pages: 44
Release Date: 1/20/2020
ISBN: 978-1-951577-05-6
Product ID: 2591-STD-0-D-1-EN-0