Current Revision

1751A: Generic Requirements for Declaration Process Management - includes Amendment 1

Amendment 1 to IPC-1751A standard provides the principles and details for declarations necessary between members of a supply chain relationship. This standard is the first in a series of standards that permits segmentation of declaration details based on the subject and scope of the declaration as well as the manufacturing domain. This standard contains general information and is supplemented by Sectional standards requiring more detailed information such as material declarations, quality profiles, or codes of conduct.

The 175x family of supplier declaration standards include: manufacturing process declaration (IPC-1751), materials declaration (IPC-1752), printed board declaration (IPC-1753), conflict minerals declaration (IPC-1755) assembly technology declaration (IPC-1756), and declaration of shipping, packing and packaging materials (IPC-1758).

In this revision of the 175x series, only the data format and functional requirements are specified. Development of human readable data entry and viewing tools are intentionally left in the domain of third party software providers.

Amendment 1 released November 2012.

Published Date
DoD Adopted
ANSI Approved