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IPC-9199: Statistical Process Control (SPC) Quality Rating

This document is a tool for a customer or supplier organization's internal audit group to assess a statistical process control (SPC) system against the requirements of IPC-9191. This document should be used by customers and suppliers of any size and for any commodity. This tool can be used to perform an assessment of the use of SPC at both organizational and process levels. The questions in this evaluation form are based on the guidelines for SPC implementation given in IPC-9191, which, in turn, was developed to reflect the principals of SPC represented by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Statistical Methods Technical Committee's document: ISO 11462-1.

This document should be used by trained evaluators, who should have a fundamental understanding of statistics and their application in manufacturing. This audit tool should be scaled to each organization's unique situation and resources.

Contained within the document are instructions for obtaining the tabular portions of this document (sections 4 through 6) in Word Template format for electronically recording information gained during the audit process. 41 pages. Released September 2002.

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DoD Adopted
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