Current Revision
IPC-4101 - Revision E - Standard with Amendment 1
Specification for Base Materials for Rigid and Multilayer Printed Boards

IPC-4101E-WAM1 covers the requirements for base materials that are referred to as laminate or prepreg and listed in the specification sheets which are found after the main body of the standard. The specification sheets are to be used primarily for rigid and multilayer printed boards for electronic interconnections. The IPC-4101E-WAM1 standard contains 70 individual specification sheets that can be searched using keywords. The keywords allow users to find materials of a similar nature, but with specific differing properties that fine-tune their laminate and/or prepreg selection needs. The IPC-4101E-WAM1 includes an Appendix A that provides supplemental inspection requirements, but only if required in the material user's purchase order or master drawing.

Published Date
DoD Adopted
ANSI Approved