IPC-APEX - Conference Presentations 2018
IPC APEX 2018 Technical Conference Proceedings

The 2018 IPC APEX EXPO technical conference is one of the most outstanding in the electronics industry. Proceedings from the technical conference include: 70 presentations from 28 sessions, 24 poster papers and 5 buzz session presentations. Advanced Technology, Area Array/Flip Chip/0201, Assembly Processes, BGA Packaging, Black Pad, Business & Supply Chain Issues Counterfeit Electronics, Design, Electromigration, Electronics Manufacturing Services Embedded Passive & Active Devices Environmental Compliance, Lean Six Sigma Flexible Circuitry HDI Technologies, High Speed, High Frequency & Signal Integrity, Lead Free Fabrication, Assembly & Reliability, Microminiaturization Nanotechnology Optoelectronics Packaging & Components, PCB Fabrication, PCB Storage & Handling Performance, Quality & Reliability Photovoltaics, Printed Electronics, RFID Circuitry, Soldering, Surface Finishes, Test, Inspection & AOI, Tin Whiskers, Via Plugging, Cable and Wire Harness Workmanship & Global Electronic Supply Chain. The proceedings are exclusively available as a download — NO HARD COPY IS AVAILABLE. Released April 2018.

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